The Best Hostels on Khao San Road

Khao San Road is Bangkok’s backpacking capital, with more cheap hotels than you can shake a stick at. Despite this, finding hostels on Khao San Road is surprisingly difficult. There are much more cheap hotels on this street than there are hostels with shared bunk beds and dorm rooms.

Still, it’s possible to find hostels in and around Khao San Road if you look hard enough. We’ve partied pretty hard on Khao San Road in the past and stayed in many of the streets best backpacker hostels. Below, we’ve recommended the best hostels on and near Khao San Road for you to choose from if you’re staying in Bangkok.

By the way, all of the hostels listed below are rated more than 7/10 on by previous guests, guaranteeing that they’re good places to stay. No matter which one you choose, you’ll get a clean bed and a pleasant environment for a reasonable cost

Hostels on Khao San Road Itself:

Khao San Road itself only has a few hostels, since most of the accommodation here is of the private guesthouse variety and the few hostels that are there, well… they mostly aren’t particularly nice.

Still, there are a couple of amazing diamonds in the rough (both of which opened very recently in 2015), which we’ve listed below. Both hostels listed below are very popular and fill up quickly, so make sure you book in advance. We’ve seen people get turned away upon arrival without bookings, which is never fun. 

Nitan Hostel Khaosan (Highly Recommended)

Nitan Hostel Khaosan is a really stylish boutique hostel located right on Khao San Road. It’s close to all the street’s best bars and restaurants, giving it one of the best locations on all of Khao San Road.

The best thing about Nitan Hostel Khaosan is that it’s brand new.This hostel opened up in 2015 and feels extremely clean and well cared for. Prices are very affordable and the hostel is overall extremely nice. Previous guests rate it very highly and we agree with them.

Rooms in Nitan Hostel Khaosan are made up of 10 bunk beds, with mixed and female only dorms available. The hostel is fairly quiet for accommodation right on Khao San Road, making it a good choice if you want a nice night’s sleep. This is by far our most recommended hostel on Khao San Road itself.The only other hostels that compare aren’t located directly on Khao San Road, and are a 2-5 minute walk away.

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The Pillow Hostel Khao San

The Pillow Hostel is another modern hostel on Khao San Road that opened in 2015. As you’d expect from such a new hostel, the facilities are in excellent condition and the whole place is very clean, modern and well cared for.

This hostel is located on a small alley off Khao San Road, making it a bit sheltered from the noise and hustle of Khao San Road itself. If you want a hostel that’s right on Khao San but isn’t too noisy, it’s a good choice.

Rooms at The Pillow Hostel are six bedroom mixed dorms. There are also private rooms available, including triple and quadruple bed rooms. Prices are VERY good (think 300-400 baht per bed, per night) making this one of the best value options for a clean, well maintained bed on Khao San Road.

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Hotels Near Khao San Road (Within Five Minutes Walk):

The best hostels aren’t actually on Khao San Road itself, but near Khao San Road. By staying in a hotel that’s a short walk away from Khao San Road on a street like Soi Rambuttri, you can stay close to the bars and restaurants while being far enough away to get a good night’s sleep due the lower noise level.

There are several amazing hostels near Khao San Road, including some of Thailand’s top hostels. We’ve listed the best of the best (hostels rated 8+/10 by guests) below for you to choose from. Like the hostels directly on Khao San Road, these nearby hostels fill up quickly and often turn away guests without reservations, so make sure you book online before you arrive. 

 Full House Khaosan (2-3 minutes to walk to Khao San Road)

Full House Khaosan is a beautiful hostel close to Khao San. It’s located on a quiet street that’s about two minutes walk from Khao San Road itself, making it a great choice if you want to get a good night’s sleep.

This hostel was renovated in 2015 and has an amazing design, with teak wood surrounding the beds and extremely clean rooms and common areas. Guests have consistently rated it 9+ out of 10 because of its quality. A great alternative to staying directly on Khao San Road.

Beds are available at Full House Khaosan in shared rooms with bunks, or in private rooms. The shared rooms offer the best value for money, while the private rooms are a good option if you want some more space to spread out and relax while staying close to one of Bangkok’s most exciting streets.

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Baan Bovorn Khaosan (2-3 minutes to walk to Khao San Road)

Baan Bovorn Khaosan is a modern hostel near Khao San Road that’s about two to three minutes away from the area’s top restaurants and hotels. It’s also really close to Soi Rambuttri, which is a more chilled out, bohemian alternative to crowded Khao San Road.

Rooms at Baan Bovorn are pretty simple, with male and female dormitories, as well as mixed dormitories available. One of the biggest advatages of Baan Bovorn compared with other hostels around Khao San Road is that it’s very clean, with good maintenance and a nice atmosphere.

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